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"PleTeruYS wazHere"

As part of an ongoing series of works devoted to commemorating ‘Great South African Story Tellers’, this piece celebrates the notoriously acclaimed satirical theatrical artist Pieter-Dirk Uys. Known best for his edgy political satirical comedy and infamous stage personalities like Evita Bezuidenhout (Tannie EVITA), Pieter is a man of many hats, coats, dresses, suits, frills, and colours. Uys's satirical pieces, often targeting politicians and shedding light on pressing societal issues such as corruption and AIDS, are not merely for entertainment; they are a profound engagement with the world, driven by a genuine concern for the well-being of people.

Beyond the vibrant characters he brings to life on stage, this portrait unveils the man behind the masks, revealing a side of Uys that is introspective and laden with a quiet intensity. The deliberate choice to portray Uys as himself, rather than one of his many characters, speaks to the painting's intent. It seeks to honour the intellect and passion of a man deeply committed to social commentary and change.

The sitting took place at Evita se Perron Theatre. Based in Pieter’s hometown of Darling in the Western Cape SA, Evita’s Perron serves as Uys's own creative haven; a cafe-deli, theatre/museum, adorned with an eclectic collection of historical memorabilia that pays tribute to over half a century of artistic satirical genius.

Pieter sits on stage. In the background hang reimagined ‘timeless’ portrait paintings by local Darling artist, Nina Van Der Westhuizen of Pieter’s rich trove of famous stage personalities/characters supported with props for the ‘Tannie EVITA Praat Kaktus’ show. Saturated in political satire and South Africa’s multi-coloured character-filled cultural potjie, Pieter’s storytelling has undisputedly left many a mark in many a South African home. As a 10-year-old Pieter once typed out his first words, it’s fair to say, “PleTeruYS wazHere”.

Date: 2023

Medium: Oil on stretched canvas

Size: A0 (128 cm x 103cm)

Oil painting portrait of Pieter Dirk Uys by South African realist artist Charles Foley

Original painting is for sale (Please encuire on the contact form)

Limited Edition Commemorative Signed Prints available SQ

(Please leave a messgae for all enquiries)

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