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'Why?’ - (#2 in part of series - A natural existential crisis):

Somewhere in the great vastness that is the Kalahari, are two Oryxes with horns locked, fighting.

Why? Why are they fighting? Why not? Why do we do the things we do? Why do we exist?

This painting serves to portray the incredible, awesome power of nature and its magical ability to simply bring us back to the moment and ask ourselves those questions in life that actually matter.

- (for more details please contact Charles Foley directly) .

Date: 2020

Medium: Oil on stretched canvas

Size: A1 (915mm x 610mm)

Oryx wildlife charles foley art painting.jpg

Original painting is for sale: $5000 - SOLD

(Please leave a message for all original and print sale enquiries)


Limited Edition Signed Prints A0 1200mm x 915mm (1of 20 - Only 17 left):

$660 (Excl shipping)

Printed on Fine Art Textured Silk 270gsm

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