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"Everyday Divinity (Love)" 

Date: Completed 2021

Medium: Oil on stretched canvas

Size: A) (915mm x 1210 mm)

Nude goddess charles foley art VLR WIX.jpg

When the Covid-19 Pandemic struck in 2020 the world went into lockdown and the months of isolation showed us just how important human interaction actually is to us. The scene is from a moment of freedom from the isolating restrictions of SA’s lockdown, when I spent a romantic weekend away in the Magaliesburg with a very special woman. 

What appears to be a simple, classic nude portrait study is actually a piece of work that explores this human need for connection with others. This is done by introducing rich, story-telling symbolic elements that refer to gods and goddesses and how they and their stories are within us (our stories), born of our own human nature. This piece aims to open a discussion on the nature of passion and love through the various gods symbolised and their experiences (as in Plato’s The Symposium).

Location: The Loeries’ Rest cottage at Nullarbor Cottages

Model: Wishes to remain anonymous

Original painting is for sale: $5000

(Please leave a message for all original and print sale enquiries)


Limited Edition Signed Prints (63cm x 83cm) (1of 10 - Only 7 left):

$500 (local shipping incl - Excl int shipping)

Printed on Ilford Fine Art Textured Silk Cotton Rag 270gsm with archival inks

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