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Date: 2020

Medium: Oil on stretched canvas

Size: A1 (610mm x 915 mm)


'Lily' is an expression of what it means to be human; a joyous celebration of a moment of tranquility captured.
It was painted as part of a series of paintings during the Covid-19 South African Lockdown, that reflect on the sense of self and celebrating our human existence. The series drew inspiration from friends of Charles' photographs that share magical moments of freedom prior to the lockdown. The original picture of 'Lily' was taken by Hayley Prior of her daughter Kate who posed for her in the Hemel en Arde Valley where the family go for reprieve. The scene is a bit of a nod to Everett Millais' Ophelia, but rather than being dragged down by heavy garments, 'Lily' is floating (like looming death; enjoying life can tap into a heightened state of self-awarenes) - the song is playing in her and Lily is one with her existence - a serene moment that celebrates the complex yet simple act of just being with all of yourself. It is painted in an impressionistic style to capture the vibrancy and life in the moment as well as the material itself (Oils/colours) - infusing the moment into the medium.

Original painting is for sale: $4500

(Please leave a message for all original and print sale enquiries)


Limited Edition Signed Prints Original Size (1of 10 - Only 6 left):

$500 (local shipping incl - Excl int shipping)

Printed on Fine Art Textured Silk 270gsm

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