"The Great Marico Redemption" 

'The Great Marico Redemption' is a portrait of Jaques Moolman, a dear friend of Charles'. The portrait of this accomplished South African musician is a celebration of him diving into his solo career with his newly released “ The Great Valley Redemption” album. It captures a moment of contemplation and reflection just after playing an intimate show of some of his incredible new work, held at a private house function. The painting is part of an ongoing series of portraits of people reflecting on the moment after they have been living their passion. You can hear some of Jaques deeply stirring music here https://open.spotify.com/artist/6xpYpXQ06FPx2QOvymd25l

Date: 2020

Medium: Oil on stretched canvas

Size: A1 (915 mm x 610mm)

Painting famous south african artist TGM

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61cm x 40cm:

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